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Keyword SEO Pro identifies the keywords that are in range for top page positioning on Google with a webpage on your website or one of your client’s webpages.

Domain authority is one of the top factors in the Google algorithm. There are several definitions but for the Google algorithm, the only indication we have is the PageRank of the HomePage.

KSP determines keyword difficulty for each of a list of keywords which means you will know the amount of link power acquisition required for top page positioning.

Keyword SEO Pro Results Table and Interpretation

In the following example:-

TPR – Total Page Reputation is the Average Total Page Reputations of the pages on the top page of Google for 5 keywords on

PR is their average PageRanks and HPR their average Home Page PageRanks.

The TPR for ‘York music teacher’ is in the Green Zone (less than 6.6)  indicating that with on-page SEO, a new website would have a reasonable chance of top page positioning on Google with its HomePage and a few incoming links with the keyword in the anchor (linking) text.

The TPR for ‘small business SEO’ is in the Blue Zone (6.6 – 8.4) indicating that the website needs to have several quality links from other websites. This keyword would be out of range for a new website or an established website with few quality links.

The TPRs for ‘London web designer’, ‘keyword research’ and ‘Free keyword research tool’ are in the Red Zone (>8.4) and would be out of range for the majority of small business websites.

Key to Keyword SEO Pro Keyword Difficulty Table

 The theory behind Keyword SEO Pro explained | PageRank – Website And Webpage Autority.

Google places great emphasis on popularity of webpages and websites in its positioning algorithm. As with a political elections, those with the most popularity (votes) receive ‘authority. Google uses ‘PageRank’ as its measure of authority. Read more on ……..  ‘PageRank expained.’

Small Business SEO | Keyword SEO PRO Keyword Tool and Google Keyword Planner

Small business SEO focuses on promoting website pages for keywords that are in reach for top page positioning on Google and that will bring in an acceptable number of new visitors and potential clients.

You need to start with a few keyword ideas and expand them with the Google keyword planner.

The keywords that seem appropriate can be analysed with Keyword SEO Pro to determine those that are in reach for your website and the amount of optimisation required to reach the top page of Google.

Keyword Planner Keyword Tool

The Google planner has taken over from the Google Keyword Tool. It provides monthly averaged search volumes for keywords under test and also keyword suggestions. Search volumes are for narrow search.

We recommend this keyword tool to expand your keyword list which can be analysed for keyword difficulty with Keyword SEO Pro.

Positioning on Google depends mainly on relevance and reputation.

relevance reputation seoRelevance of a webpage for a keyword is determined by the

  1. Presence of the keyword (phrase), words in the keyword phrase, synonyms and associated words that are visible on the webpage
  2. Present in the underlying coding and visible in the anchor (linking) text in incoming links to the webpage.


Reputation is even more important than relevance.

Google uses PageRank (PR) is its metric for page reputation or page authority. The PageRank of the HomePage of a website is the best indication we have of domain authority.

Within Google, PageRank is updated daily and some suggest that it is being updated continuously.

PageRank information provided by Google is frequently, but inappropriately, denigrated as being irrelevant. Followers of GoogleWebmasterHelp videos will know that PageRank remains central to the Google algorithm.

Reputation and positioningEven if you write the best article for a keyword, if your webpage has insufficient reputation when compared to the top competing pages, top page positioning on Google is highly unlikely.

If you target keywords where your webpages have no chance of top positioning on Google, you will waste precious time where you could be targeting keywords where success is at least more likely.

Keyword difficulty is an indication of how difficult it is to achieve top page positioning on Google for a keyword. Positioning depends largely on the total value of incoming links to a webpage and website – Total Page Reputation.

Keyword SEO Pro indicates keyword difficulty according to the averaged Total Page Reputation of the webpages on the top page of Google for the keyword.

The Key to Success on Google

KSP key-to-success - Domain Authority


The key to Google success is to target great keywords where top page positioning is possible.

Keyword SEO Pro is a unique keyword difficulty tool and technique that quickly shows you the keywords your website can get to the top of Google.

Positioning on Google depends largely on Total Page Reputation.

Total Page Reputation Domain Authority and Page Authority


Total Page Reputation Keyword Difficulty: The averaged Total Page Reputation (TPR) of the pages on the top page of Google for your target keyword is the best available indication of keyword difficulty – the difficulty of achieving top page positioning on Google.


Total Page Reputation- KSP

If the Total PageRank of your page you wish to achieve top page positioning on Google for a keyword is similar to or greater than the average of those currently on that top page, you should be successful with appropriate on-page positioning.

If the averaged TPR of the current top pages is much greater than the TPR of your page, success is very unlikely.

The Keyword SEO Pro technique for finding keyword difficulty using the averaged TPR for a keyword is simple to use and free.


Positioning on Google - Factors

Keyword SEO Pro – Keyword Tool for determining keyword difficulty

Keyword SEO Pro is an automated program that determines TPR keyword difficulty for lists of keywords. The program is available on monthly subscription.

Google accounts for around 90% of Internet searches globally.


(USA 86%

; UK 90%).95% of searchers do not look beyond the top Google results page.95% searchers use first page on Google

If your website is not on the top page of Google for your target keywords you are missing out on the majority of potential new visitors and business.

The Keyword SEO Pro technique is a simple but unique presentation of the PageRanks of the webpages on the top Google results page for keywords together with their associated HomePage PageRanks in table format. The averaged Total WebPage Authorities of these webpages (CPR) is the best indication available of Keyword Difficulty.


Links – Webpage and Website Authority – How Important are they?

Google and all the major search engines place more importance on the links to your webpage and website than the content of the webpage.

Search for ‘click here’ and you will find an webpage at the top of Google. But ‘click here’ does not appear on the webpage or in the underlying coding. It is at the top because of the the quantity and quality of the links from other websites to the page and many of the link texts include ‘click here’. The more popular websites and webpages have links from many other websites. These links confer authority. If your competitors for your targeted keywords have a lot more popularity than your website and webpage you will not achieve top positioning however much you tweak your pages. Google tells us the popularity of a webpage by its PageRank. The best indication we have of a website’s popularity is the PageRank of the HomePage.

Why most keyword difficulty tools fail to keyword difficulty tool

Do you wonder if your webpages will ever make it to the top of Google?

Have you paid for a keyword tool, or SEO programs and recommendations, guaranteed to bring success, only to find they fail to deliver? The majority of keywords tend to be in the blue and red zones (see above) and few, if any, of the SEO tools and programs will make you aware of this. Read more about current Keyword Difficulty tools and how they compare to Keyword SEO Pro.

Keyword SEO Pro is Different

The Keyword SEO Pro technique shows you the link voting power required for top positioning and the link voting power of the webpage you plan to use to get to the top of Google. It therefore shows you what is possible and what is not.

Positioning on search engines such as Google depends mainly on the authority of your webpage and your website (Search Engine Optimization Secrets – Page 8)

  • Authority is determined by ‘link’ popularity.
  • Links (backlinks, hyperlinks) from other websites to your webpages act like votes in an election for a politician..
  • If your top competitors for a keyword have several hundred links and yours has less than a hundred, you will not be able to achieve top page positioning on Google for that keyword until you have attracted more links,

This means it is not possible to achieve top positioning for any keyword you choose however much you tweak your webpages. There is no quick fix.

If you use Keyword SEO Pro to identify the best keywords to target for your website now, your website authority will gradually grow and will be able to target ever more desirable keywords. It will also identify the keywords that will come into range as you acquire more links.

The Hidden Factor in the Google Algorithm

Do you feel there must be a hidden key factor we all have been missing in the Google algorithm?

The missing factor is a hidden authority boost that Google gives to HomePages competing for keywords and the evidence is presented here …. hidden positioning boost given to HomePages.

There is powerful evidence that the leading factors in the Google algorithm include:

1. Website authority.

2. Authority boost for Homepages competing for keywords.

3. Webpage authority.

WebPage and Domain Authority are more important than webpage content in the Google positioning algorithm.

Method and Results:

Search for the keywords ‘website’ or ‘click here’ on and the Adobe HomePage ( is on the top Google results page.Adobe page #5 for 'website'

The keywords ‘website’ and ‘click here’ do not appear anywhere on or in the underlying coding.


There are thousands of links to with the words ‘website’ or ‘click here’ in the linking (anchor) text. has a PageRank 9.


Backlinks (links) are more important than content in the Google algorithm.

What is PageRank?

We explain PageRank in more detail on PageRank-explained.

The Key to Website Success

Targeting the best keywords (search terms) currently within range for top page positioning on Google is the key to website success. See what Google tells us about top positioning.

Gradually increase your website’s authority so that ever more desirable keywords can be targeted.

For a website to be successful, you must:-

  1. Be aware of its current competitive strength – website authority and webpage authority.
  2. Concentrate on competing for keywords where top page positioning on Google is possible.
  3. Build great content worthy of links from other websites.
  4. Be aware that there is no magic bullet to instant website success.

Keyword SEO Pro is an easy to use SEO keyword difficulty technique and keyword tool.

  • The top three factors in the Google algorithm are identified.Keyword SEO Pro
  • Verifiable evidence is provided at all times.
  • Keyword SEOPro is the only keyword tool that identifies niche keywords based on the top three Google factors.
  • No program is required.
  • The technique assists websites to develop to their maximum potential increasing targeted visitors and business.
  • It takes 5-10 minutes to apply the technique for each keyword.

Keyword SEOPro is available as a program that automates the process for the convenience of those who have put the KSP technique to the test and who wish to analyse many keywords (usually web professionals),

In a published study of 5,000 keywords (50,000 webpages on the first page of Google) 94% of the webpages were either:

If you have just a few keywords to analyze you can do it all for yourself without any cost.If you have scores of keywords to test, there is the automoted program that will do it for you at little cost.

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Keyword SEO Pro is a Unique Keyword Difficulty Tool:Keyword SEO Pro - Unique Keyword Tool

  • Analyses a list of potential keywords for keyword difficulty.
  • For the top two factors in the Google algorithm.
  • Indicates niche keywords that are currently in range for your website- no more chasing rainbows.
  • Helps your website to be found, accumulate authority and to grow.

Keyword SEO Pro – The Program

Keyword SEO Pro is an automated program that analyses up to 200 keywords using the Keyword SEO Pro technique.

You may use the program for a month and unsubscribe / resubscribe at any time.

The Keyword SEO Pro technique is free. It identifies the niche keywords that your website can achieve top page positioning on Google.

The Keyword SEO Pro program automatically analyses a list of keywords for keyword difficulty using the technique.

Case Studies – See the Keyword Tool in action:


Detox Website – Keyword SEO Pro compared to the Keyword Tool – WordTracker

SEO Software Website



Keyword Difficulty Tool – Combined Webpage and Website Authority

Combined Webpage and Website Authority Technique

Google Algorithm | PageRank | SEO and Internet Marketing

PageRank Explained

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Keyword SEO Pro – The only keyword tool that uses Google’s indication of Page Authority to find the best keywords for your website can successfully target.
Google Keyword Planner Tool shows monthly search volume for keywords and suggests related keywords.Google keyword planner
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