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The Long Tail And Why Your SEO Keyword Strategy Is Wrong?

If you’re doing SEO for your company or checking out it, possibilities are you’re thinking a lot about which keywords you want to focus on. You most likely have a respectable idea whiches are the most crucial to you. You might even have a particular “golden” keyword you’re taking a look at, thinking to yourself […]

Domain Authority V PageRank


Commonly described as PR, PageRank is a metric with the varieties from 0-10 utilized to indicate the level of trust or popularity a page has based upon the number and value of links pointing to it. This implies a page with higher PR of say, 6, will pass on more authority than a page with […]

Website Success, the Google Algorithm, Total Page Authority and Keyword Difficulty

Do you wonder why your website is not on the top Google results page for your target keywords even if you have worked hard at optimisation? The answer is almost certainly insufficient website authority.

Top Page Positioning and the Google Algorithm

Google assesses website and webpage authority, also called reputation or popularity, by incoming links from other […]

Keyword Research – Update for 2015?

In the sphere of SEO, you cannot take anything for granted. The landscape is continually shifting in response to new innovations, Google algorithm updates, and many other factors that can influence a needed change in our tactics.

Keyword research study is evolving, and the diminished significance of optimizing for keywords is triggering numerous search marketers to […]

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