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Antiques Online Website

A new website selling Antiques online from the UK needs to find desirable keywords (search terms):-

  1. An acceptable number of people are searching for each month. – The Google Keyword Planner provides the monthly search volumes and makes suggestions for other keywords to be considered.
  2. Top page positioning on Google is achievable – the keyword difficulty is not too high.
    1. This depends on the average Total Page Reputations of the pages currently on the top page of Google currently.
    2. The Total Page Reputation of the page that will try to achieve top page positioning.
  3. From a practical point of view, the website of small to medium sized business (SME) is only likely to achieve top page positioning.
    1. With its HomePage.
    2. If the target keywords are in the PageTitle of the HomePage.
    3. Google only indexes the first 65-70 characters in the Page title – about 10 words.

A website has the following keywords in its HomePage Page title

Collectables, Antiques, Reference Works, Rare Pieces

The Keyword Planner tool shows the following:-




The average Total Page Reputations of the webpages on the top page of for these keywords has been determined with KeywordSEOPro but could have been calculated manually.

We can see that for top page positioning on High Total Page Reputation (TPR) – greater than 8 is required for all the keywords except ‘rare pieces’ as the average HomePage PageRank is greater than 4 PageRank is determined by the value of the incoming links to the webpage within the Google index of links. It is on a logarithmic scale.

Examples of HomePage PageRanks and Domain Authorities:

Lakeland - PageRank 4

Lakeland | Established 1956 | PageRank 4 | Domain Authority 59

pets at home

Pets at Home | Established 1991 | PageRank 4 | Domain Authority 62


Ryman | Established 1893 | PageRank 4 | Domain Authority 44

Body Shop

Body Shop -Established 1976 | PageRank 5 | Domain Authoirty 58


Burberry | Established 1856 | PageRank 4 | Domain Authority 61


CostCo | Established 1983) | PageRank 5 | Domain Authority 49


Costa | Established 1971 | PageRank 5 | Domain Authority 59

Very few SME websites achieve Home Page PageRank of 4 or Domain Authority of 40 or 50 – they would need as much incoming link power as Austin Reid, Rymans or Lakeland to do this. Whereas a service provider or local shop can target keywords such as ‘accountant in Wembley’ an SME website targeting keywords nationally or internationally must target keywords that are more specific and likely to have lower keyword difficulty.

For example

Gaudy Welsh Pottery

gaudy welsh -ksp