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Au Pair Agency Failed Search Engine Optimisation – Unfulfilled Promises

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A client was referred to us because she had been let down by two previous SEO firms who failed to deliver top page ranking on Google for their target keywords.

The story is typical of unfulfilled SEO promises.

We will use this story to show that the target keywords were out of reach of the website from the outset.

The previous SEO firms had made promises that were unachievable.

  1. The best webpage on a topic cannot achieve success when the top competition has far greater link power.
  2. Setting achievable goals  from the outset is crucial when embarking on an SEO campaign.

The Story

“Two years ago I invested a lot of money in building a superb website for families seeking au pairs.

I put all 14 years of my experience in the au pair industry into making it the best matching site possible for families seeking au pairs to work in Britain and Ireland.

The problem is that nobody can find the site unless I spend a fortune on Google Adwords so the site is practically invisible.

The company who built the site claimed that it would be built with all the SEO requirements in mind but it has never ranked organically.

They then got very arrogant and said that I would need to pay them a large amount of money each month if I wanted them to rank the site.

I had spent so much on the site (which has matching properties better than Match.com but for families/au pairs) that I did not allow for an SEO budget.

I had understood from the contract that they would do the SEO free of charge for the first year to get it ranking and that I would then be able to afford to pay them going forward but they completely reneged on this and refused to work properly on the site without me taking out an expensive package.

I felt I had been let down and badly misled and would never have spent the money building the site had I known this would happen.

I am a very small business but they wanted to bill me like their large corporate clients.

Since then  I have wasted more money with one SEO freelancer who promised everything and delivered nothing.

Can you help ?

The Explanations for previous SEO Failure

Two years after the Au Pair website was designed it has achieved a HomePage PageRank of 2 and a Domain Authority of 18. You need to understand the importance of PageRank in the Google algorithm and Domain Authority.



The TPR column is the average Total Page Reputations of the top pages for each keyword.

(Until 2015, KSP used Google PageRank data. Google no longer provides updates. KSP from 2015 uses Moz authority scores. These are approximately 10-fold PageRank readings.)


We can now see that for Au Pair the HomePages of the top pages were all 4 or more and the average TPR is 10.1 compared to the TPR of the website aiming for top page positioning of 6.5

PageRank is on a logarithmic scale. Au Pair and AuPair have average TPRs in the Red Zone – they are out of reach for SME websites because SME websites rarely achieve HomePage PageRank of 4 and you would need 5.

Au Pair Agency would be possible but would need careful link power acquisition to achieve success.

The Google Keyword Planner could be used to find keyword suggestions and these could be analysed for keyword difficulty with Keyword SEO Pro. Good keywords include au pair London and au pair agency.

Summary and SEO Tips

The HomePage was optimised for “Au Pair” at great expense but one would need a HomePage PageRank of 4 at least to have a chance of top page ranking. This keyword is out of reach for the website.

My SEO tips are:-

You need to use Keyword Planner to find a greater range of keywords and find a few that have a reasonable search volume and are in reach.

Then optimise your HomePage PageRank for the new target keywords and seek to increase incoming link power for these keywords. Link power means increasing domain authority.

When choosing your web designer, find one who understands SEO. If you are in London Google Web Design London SEO