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Why is it becoming increasingly challenging to achieve top page ranking for a keyword on Google?


The creation of a good quality website as the only internet marketing means to promote your business on the internet is no longer likely to be successful. It needs support from

link power acquisition
blog posting to add fresh quality information
use of social media.

Two new sets of factors included in the ranking algorithm […]

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Long Tail Keywords | Winning At SEO and Keyword Difficulty

Long tail keywords have less competition and should be relatively easier to rank for than short tail keywords which have two words or less. A recent article by Pam Neely on business2businesscommunity.com makes it sound so easy, an easy route to SEO success. It is certainly true that the vast majority of clicks are on […]

The Long Tail And Why Your SEO Keyword Strategy Is Wrong?

If you’re doing SEO for your company or checking out it, possibilities are you’re thinking a lot about which keywords you want to focus on. You most likely have a respectable idea whiches are the most crucial to you. You might even have a particular “golden” keyword you’re taking a look at, thinking to yourself […]

Domain Authority V PageRank


Commonly described as PR, PageRank is a metric with the varieties from 0-10 utilized to indicate the level of trust or popularity a page has based upon the number and value of links pointing to it. This implies a page with higher PR of say, 6, will pass on more authority than a page with […]

How Search Engines Find Keywords

Where search engines rest, the web seems like a substantial network of interconnected keywords and content interpreted with its coding. These programs have actually gone a long way from their creation back in the nineties. Today, the leading browser program can be found in Google. Google and the others each utilize its very own web […]

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Keyword Planner – Google Keyword Tool

Keyword Planner – Google Keyword Tool
The Google Keyword Suggestion Tool has been replaced by Google’s Keyword Planner.

The following figure shows the results from the keyword planner for an optometrist who has a special interest in the treatment of reading difficulties associated with dyslexia.

The results can  be downloaded and put into a spreadsheet such as Excel.

In […]

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Keyword Difficulty Definition

Keyword Difficulty Defined
What is keyword difficulty?
Keyword difficulty is the difficulty for a webpage to achieve top page positioning on a search engine such as Google for a keyword.

Webpages achieve top page positioning on Google with a combination of their

Relevance for the keyword.
Non-keyword specific reputation.

For a webpage to achieve top page positioning on Google it must […]

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HomePage PageRank is the best indicator of Domain Authority according to Google.

A HomePage targeting a keyword is given a boost to a minimum PR of 4.5.

Modern search engines like Google rank webpages by relevance and reputation.

The Total Page Reputation of a webpage depends on Website Reputation (Domain Authority) and Page Page Reputation (PageRank) (Viniker, DA 2011;  Dover D. 2011).

HomePage PageRank Keyword Difficulty (HPR-KD)

HomePage PageRank is the […]

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User Guide 5 HomePage PageRank Boost

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