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Keyword Difficulty Tool Combined Webpage and Website PageRank Authority

( Dec 22  2012)
Video 1 Keyword SEO Pro - Introduction Introduction to KSP. Why is it so difficult to compete for top positioning for many desirable keywords. KSP analyzes the strengof the URL well thank you Ryan but rememberth of the competition for what is effectively the number one factor in the Google algorithm - G-Factor-1.  Allows you to concentrate your efforts on the achievable and avoid wasting your valuable time on the impossible.
Video 2 - The Case Against PageRank in SEO Keyword difficulty and niche keywords defined. Why experts believe that PageRank is of no value in SEO.
Video 3 - The Case for PageRank and G-Factor-1 in SEO Google was the first search engine to include off-page factors in their positioning algorithm. Google is all about PageRank! The counter arguement is presented to those who believe PageRank is of no importance in SEO.
Video 4 KSP Backlinks v PageRank and G-Factor-1 PageRank and Backlinks Explained.
Video 5 Keyword SEO Pro Finale Why the majority of websites fail. How Keyword SEO Pro is the essential unique keyword tool you require to enhance your SEO. KEYWORD SEO PRO IN ACTION.

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Video 6 - Expectations, Reality and Opportunities The Beginner's Guide
Video 7 - Keywords and SEO Keywords. Search Engines. SEO and Niche Keywords. Importance of top positioning in organic searches. Need to find niche keywords.  Keyword SEO Pro demonstrates keyword difficulty and differentiates keywords that you may successfully optimize for and those that are out of range.
Video 8 - Keyword Research and Keyword Difficulty Tools Niche Keywords. Keyword Suggestion Tools, Keyword Difficulty Tools. Advantages and limitations of webpage Optimization Tools. Importance of using keyword difficulty tool, and in particular Keyword SEO Pro,  to find niche keywords before using optimization tools on keywords that are too competitive to achieve top positioning.
Video 9 - Backlinks Analysis - Keyword SEO Pro Backlinks analysis. Value of link depends on PageRank of linking page, and number of links on the page. Anchor Text. On site links may be as valuable as backlinks from other websites.
Video 10 - Finding Niche Keywords - Google Keyword Tool Finding Niche Keywords, Google Keyword Tool, Broad Search, Narrow Search, Keyword Difficulty, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization.
Video 11 - Incredulous SEO Claims There are many websites and SEO programs that top positioning on search engine results pages is readily achievable. The fact is that for the desirable keywords, competition is fierce. Most of these claims are incredulous. This video shows a couple of examples. When looking at competition numbers, we should use narrow search rather than broad search. Also beware of the HomePageRank of the webpages that are claimed to have reach the top with "minimal effort"
Video 12 - Calculating G-Factor-2 Google is adding a boost to HomePage PageRanks when the HomePage is competing for a keyword. In this video, the algorithm used by Keyword SEO Pro is explained.
Video 13 PageRank and Number of backlinks required. 500 HomePages were analysed for PageRank and number of backlinks.The average number of backlinks for PR3 is 615, PR4 is 2,500 and PR5 is 70,000. The importance of this in SEO is discussed.
Video 14
SEO For Website Owners
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the scientific application of techniques designed to increase the number of new visitors to your website. In this video, the basics of SEO are discussed including the importance of backlinks, PageRank, keyword difficulty and niche keywords.
Video 15
Keyword SEO Pro for web professionals
Research has demonstrated that
Google looks at HomePages and internal pages differently.
For internal pages, Google looks at the HomePage PageRank in its view of the importance of the page.
HomePages optimised for a keyword receive a PageRank boost.
Keyword SEO Pro output shows the PageRank of the webpage and the corresponding HomePage.
Examples of Keyword SEO Pro indicating targetable keywords for a website are provided.


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