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Website Success, the Google Algorithm, Total Page Authority and Keyword Difficulty

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Google Algorithm

Do you wonder why your website is not on the top Google results page for your target keywords even if you have worked hard at optimisation? The answer is almost certainly insufficient website authority.

Top Page Positioning and the Google Algorithm

Google assesses website and webpage authority, also called reputation or popularity, by incoming links from other websites. PageRank is Google’s evaluation of the importance (authority) of a webpage. Webpage positioning for a keyword in Google’s search engine results pages is determined by the Google algorithm: Authority carries greater weight than content. A webpage that provides the best information on a topic (keyword) on a website with few incoming links will have no chance against a less informative page on a high authority website such as Wikipedia.

Google continues to use PageRank as its metric of total incoming link value to a webpage and website. For many years, Google provided updates on PageRank to the public but this was discontinued in December 2013. Moz Page Authority and Domain Authority are the best currently available indicators.

A full discussion of PageRank and Keyword Difficulty was presented in EzineArticles (http://ezinearticles.com/?Website-Success,-the-Google-Algorithm,-PageRank-and-Keyword-Difficulty&id=7064985)

Website Success

Search engine optimization aims to maximize targeted visitors to a website. There are many programs and optimizers who promise that with their guidance you can reach the top on Google for any keyword you choose. The fact is that if your competition for your keywords have high Total Page Authorities (Page Authority + Domain Authority) and you have a web page with relatively low Total Page Authority, you cannot succeed.

If you target niche keywords that are in range for your website, you will gradually increase the popularity of your websites and ever more desirable keywords can be successfully targeted. Start small and build gradually.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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